Pioneering MicroConsultancy Services.

A first of its kind, INLVerido believes in harnessing the power of transactional data to advise and mentor business owners to manage for improved profitability - innovating an on-line and mobile platform that collects, analyses, and reports daily transactional information in real-time.

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Business owners - increase profit by knowing your business better.

Recording, analyzing and reporting business transactional data using INLVerido’s mobile app enables business owners to manage their business for increased profit.

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Financial institutions – monitor credit customer’s records in real-time.

Financial institutions get online access to complete daily, weekly and monthly transactional data; enabling FIs to identify new customers and limit default risk.

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Donor projects – increase intervention impact and outreach.

Achieve deeper impact, greater outreach and enhanced monitoring through our online app created to progressively monitor beneficiary performance and our MicroConsultancy services designed to increase enterprise profitability.

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Get better access to financing

INL VERIDO is the first consultancy services created specifically for micro businesses across the developing nation. Termed ‘Micro Consultancy’, it is a suite of services designed to help micro enterprises meet the conditions set by financial institutions to get better access to appropriate finance.



  • Weekly visit from your dedicated Expert Business Consultant.
  • No fuss record keeping tracks your most profitable areas.
  • Real time access to loan customer records for Banks and Micro Finance Banks
  • Access to business analysis on your computer, tablet and smart phone.
  • See what your client are doing from the comfort of your office or on the go.
  • Business Performance monitoring for Micro business owners.
  • Credit and loan customer monitoring on a weekly basis.
  • Access to baseline and impact data for entire population of beneficiaries.

Take your micro business into the formal sector with help from our hands on expert consultants, and our cutting edge technology.

INL Verido is a product of INL Consulting a private sector development consultancy firm that specializes in the provision of cutting-edge monitoring and financial facilitation services to micro finance banks, international donor agency projects, government agencies and private companies. The firm offers an innovative combination of mobile, web-based technology with experienced consultants to deliver enduring results.

Our micro business consultancy services are the first of their kind anywhere in the world, helping micro businesses to make their transition into the formal sector. INL Verido enables MSME’s to access otherwise out of reach critical business services including operational planning and strategy, marketing and market development strategy, and financial management and control services.


Enterprise Owners

  • Track business records on the go.
  • Find the best loans for your business.
  • Weekly business coaching by experts.
  • Get the identification documents you need.

Financial Institutions

  • Monitor customers in real-time.
  • Early warning system for loan defaulters.
  • Access to a database of potential business customers.

Donor Projects

  • Monitor all beneficiaries in real-time.
  • Track performance of projects.

Mobile Application

  • Take your business records everywhere.
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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